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2014 Re-certification - update 15th June, 2014

posted Dec 31, 2013, 5:58 PM by Allan Thompson   [ updated Jun 15, 2014, 3:32 PM ]
Re-certification Class
Saturday, June 28, 2014, 8:30 am
University of Tampa Athletic Building
Instructor: Bill Kelly

This school is for Certified Officials only. A Provisional Class will be held separately on a different date.

Please contact Bill Kelly with any questions:  

813-690-0450 WFKTENNIS@AOL.COM

The format for the 2014 Re-certification Class has changed. Please read carefully.

There are only two (2) Re-certification Classes taught in Florida by a National Trainer. The date is February 1, 2014 and you must register through Nucula

Where: Southeastern University, 1000 Longfellow Blvd., Lakeland, FL, College of Business & Legal Studies, College of Education building

You may print the Class Handouts here.

Notes:  Those attending should plan on parking in the far north parking lot and there will be signs directing them to the conference site. Additionally, there is a cafeteria located approx. 2 minutes walk from the conference site, offering an extremely large variety, "all you can eat" for $10.00.  Further, there is a café located in the same immediate area.

Bill Kelly, Sectional Trainer Evaluator, will hold a class for those that cannot attend the class on February 1, 2014. A date for that class has now been scheduled for 28th June, 2014 - see above!.

Basic format for the schools are as follows:
  • NO school for those who are certified less than 3 years. Everyone attends the same day. The beginning of the class will be RULES. The class can be on Saturday or Sunday
  • Everyone (including national and professional) take the test or test for which they wish certification. NO provisional test. They take same test.
    • The tests are:- USTA Test
    • ITA Test
    • USTA Referee Test
  • The tests this year have no reference questions.
  • National/professional attend the USTA class and ITA if they wish to work ITA. If they do not work ITA they do not need to attend a class.
  • Everyone else attend the class or classes they wish to be certified in.
The tests are now available in PDF format on the 
Nucula web site and are available here for completion online.

The new 2014 Friend at Court  is available by clicking the link and will be mailed in mid-January