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ITA Update: Uniforms and 2016 ITA Rulebook

posted Jan 2, 2016, 8:22 AM by Allan Thompson
Collegiate Tennis Officials,
As we start a new year, I wanted to take this time, on behalf of everyone at the Intercollegiate Tennis Association (ITA), to wish all of you and your families a very happy and prosperous 2016.  Simply stated, college tennis would not be possible without your dedication, skill, and professionalism.  Everyone at the ITA is excited for 2016, and the changes it will bring for collegiate officiating.
Further, as promised, the ITA wanted to keep you advised about the status of our new training and certification program.  The ITA Officials Task Force has been diligently working, and the ITA is enthused to provide you the following information:
2016 ITA Rulebook
As you may have heard, the ITA Rules and Regulations will not be in the 2016 Friend at Court.  The ITA Officials Task Force has prepared a 2016 ITA Rulebook (the "Rulebook").  The Rulebook will contain the Code and all applicable 2016 ITA Rules and Regulations (along with some helpful summary tables which will, for the first time ever, be dedicated solely to collegiate tennis and its rules and procedures). 
The Rulebook is currently being printed and will be shipped shortly (within the next couple weeks) to all tennis officials who are ITA certified for 2016 (to include all officials holding either a 2016 ITA or a 2016 Provisional ITA Certification).  The mailing list that the ITA will use for the Rulebook will come directly from NuCula (as previously stated, to all 2016 Provisional ITA and 2016 ITA Officials), so please make sure you address in NuCula is updated immediately.
2016 ITA Certifications 
As was explained in previous emails from the USTA and the ITA, your 2016 ITA certification was completed based upon the ITA and USTA classes you took in calendar year 2015 and the tests (and other requirements) that you completed for each class.  If you wish to appeal your 2016 ITA Certification for any reason, you should complete the process set forth by the USTA for appealing a 2016 certification.  Later this year, the ITA will release, in writing, the process for appealing future ITA Certifications.
Final ITA Webinars for a 2016 ITA Certification
The ITA has received numerous requests from various officials who were unable to attend an ITA class in 2015.  Accordingly, the ITA will host two "last chance" live webinars for any individuals who failed to attend an ITA class in 2015.  To be clear, these webinars will ONLY BE AVAILABLE for tennis officials who hold a current 2016 USTA certification (i.e., attended a USTA class in 2015), but were unable to attend an ITA class in 2015.  These webinars will be offered on the following dates/times:
          Saturday, January 9, 2016 at 8:00 p.m. (EST)
          Monday, January 18, 2016 at 9:00 p.m. (EST)
If you need to attend one of these webinars, please contact Anthony Montero at and indicate which webinar you would like to attend.  Anthony will confirm your 2016 USTA certification and then provide you with the log-in information for the ITA webinar.  After both webinars are completed, Anthony will forward a list of participants to the ITA and the we will then forward the Rulebook to these officials who will be newly certified. 
Future ITA Certifications & Requirements
Future ITA certifications will follow the academic year.  Accordingly, the next ITA classes (that will be required for all collegiate officials) will be in June through August 2016 and will be for your ITA Certification for 2016-17.  The educational platform and curriculum are still being planned, evaluated, and tested by the ITA and ITA Officials Taskforce.  We will communicate in the next few months about the process and requirements for registering and attending these classes.
Likewise, we have received many questions about what requirements will be imposed for future ITA certifications.  These questions are still being reviewed by the ITA and the ITA Officials Taskforce.  Rest assured, we will provide you these answers in a timely manner to allow for your proper planning. 
However, one requirement that will be required and that we wanted to address immediately is that a current USTA certification will be required to obtain a 2016-17 ITA Certification.  Accordingly, all officials interested in holding a 2016-17 ITA Certification must ensure that they satisfy all requirements necessary for a 2017 USTA Certification.
ITA National Uniform
Another topic that has generated numerous questions is about uniforms.  In light of the new USTA uniform required this year, the ITA and the ITA Officials Taskforce have elected not to pursue a mandatory national uniform this year.  The appropriate ITA Uniform will still be determined by your local assignor, conference, collegiate institution, or national tournament.  We will be looking at this issue further in the future, but did not want to require you to have to purchase two new uniforms this year.
I hope this answers some of your most pressing questions.  On behalf of the entire ITA, I want to thank all of the members of the ITA Officials Taskforce who have volunteered countless hours over the last few months addressing a multitude of issues. 
Please continue to write me with any questions that you might have.  Once again, happy new year and thank you for all you do for collegiate tennis.

 Erica Perkins Jasper
Chief Operating Officer
Intercollegiate Tennis Association
Office: 505.508.0367
Mobile: 505.392.0866