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BATOA Assignment Protocol

An Officials Assignor's mission is to:
  • ensure a fair and equitable distribution of assignments to qualified officials within their geographic assignment region, and to
  • promote the growth and development of officials by trying to ensure that new and less experienced officials obtain the necessary assignments, guidance and training; and by assigning experienced officials to events necessary for their continued advancement.
Assigners will consider requests for specific official(s) from Referees, Tournament Directors and Coaches, and when appropriate and consistent with their mission, Assignors will attempt to honor such requests.

When an assignment request will not be honored, the Assigner, as a courtesy, will contact the Referee, Tournament Director or Coach, and the officials(s) that were requested, to discuss and explain the alternate assignment.

The assignment process must remain transparent and independent of politics and outside influence to ensure its integrity and to protect against accusations of biased officiating.

Assigners for the BATOA are (USTA Regions 3 and 5) are:

 Region 3
 Matt Pfeiffer
   Julie Dufaux
 Region 5
 Debbie Flint

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Guidance notes on using the Arbitersports system are available here: