BATOA Membership

Geographical requirement

Any individual, residing within the USTA Regions 3 and 5, shall be eligible for membership BATOA.

A current USTA Official residing outside the area served by the BATOA may be designated a non-resident member by the Board. This category of membership shall be no more than twenty (20) percent of the total membership at the time a non-resident member is accepted into BATOA. Once accepted, non-resident members will not be dropped if this 20 percent limit is exceeded.

Membership Dues
Membership renewal of $25 will be required annually. Applications for membership should be submitted on the 'BATOA Membership Application Form'. If you are new to Officiating, then you are advised to read about the BATOA Training Scheme.

Dues payable by the first day of March. If any member's dues remain unpaid on the first day of March, his/her membership shall be automatically suspended. A member suspended for non-payment of dues shall be ineligible to vote at meetings or to serve in matches where BATOA is responsible for officiating. Reinstatement of membership may be obtained by payment of dues within thirty (30) days. Membership will terminated as of the first day of April for non-payment dues.

Dues are payable to the Treasurer:-
Dr. Stephen J. Nelson, Treasurer
P.O. Box 968
Highland City, FL 33846-0968

Membership classes
An individual may be designated Honorary Member or Umpire Emeritus by the Board. Neither annual membership renewal nor payment of dues will be required.

There are two (2) classes of membership in BATOA.

1) A voting member shall be a current member of the USTA Umpires Council who has been certified as a sectional level official or higher and has attended a USTA clinic in the past twelve (12) months.

2) A non-voting member shall be  (a) an official in training, 
(b) an Honorary Member, 
(c) an Umpire Emeritus, 
(d) a non-resident member, or 
(e) a suspended member.

Allan Thompson,
Apr 12, 2017, 6:09 PM