Provisional Officials

a. A Provisional Umpire is exempt from the school requirement but must pass an online certification test. A person becomes a Provisional Umpire immediately upon passing the online certification test for Provisional Umpires.

i. Advancement to Sectional Official. If later during the same calendar year the official meets the work requirements for becoming certified as a Sectional Official, the official may become certified as a Sectional Official by passing the applicable test or tests. The official is excused from meeting the school requirement only during the first year as a Provisional Umpire.

ii. Certification in year following advancement to Sectional Official. If an official advances from Provisional Umpire to a Sectional Official during the year, the official will not be re-certified during the next year as a Sectional Official until the official has passed the applicable re-certification test and has successfully attended an approved school.

b. Provisional Referee. A Provisional Referee shall have attended the required school or schools conducted by an approved USTA Trainer/Evaluator and shall have passed all applicable tests required of a Referee. A Provisional Referee may serve as a Referee for tournaments below the Sectional Championship level. If during the same calendar year the Provisional Referee meets the work requirements for a Sectional Referee, the Provisional Referee may then become certified as a Sectional Referee.

In order to assist with the development of Provisional Umpires, Florida USTA has instituted a mentoring program.

Mentors in the BATOA area are:-

 Jan Kaye  813-333-5156  J4KAYE@GMAIL.COM
 Julie Dufaux  813-991-5608  JULIEDUFAUX1@GMAIL.COM
 Tim Dahle  813-368-7342  LAOSHR@TAMPABAY.RR.COM

Mentors work in Conjunction with the Training Co-ordinator.