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Dear USTA Certified Officials,


The new USTA Officiating Clothing Program is launched.  The uniform has been simplified to basic pieces that will work in both the coldest and warmest months of the tennis season.


The first part of the tiered roll-out went off without a hitch with over 100 Pro Circuit Officials ordering their uniforms for their January 2016 events.  An overwhelmingly positive response to the quality and pricing of the new program was received.  Now as we begin part 2, Officials need to order the new uniform for the March 1st changeover deadline.  During the transition period (January 1st-February 29th), you are encouraged to wear the new uniform.  


A Uniform Guide describes each of the items available as part of this program.  The guide includes a sizing chart for each item to help you place the correct size order the first time. In addition, the guide outlines some of the important changes, such as shoes and shorts/pants guidelines. Please read the entire guide before placing your order. Click here for the 2016 USTA Uniform Guide or see the Files section below..


Click here for USTA Officiating Clothing Program Website.


When placing your order, please remember:

  • For the first time you will be able to purchase Khaki pants through the Uniform Program.  Officials are not required to purchase Khakis through the website, but the option is there.  
  • Patches will not be made to cover old logos.  
  • Officials who do not wish to purchase the Outerwear can continue to wear Navy non-logoed items.
  • The USTA Officiating Cap is being finalized and will be shipped separately from the items once it is available.
  • For those interested, we anticipate adding a red visor to the Uniform Program in the near future. 

If you have any questions about the Uniform Guide, please email officiating@usta.com. If you have any questions about ordering, please contact our S&H Account Manager, Mary Sedano at marys@sandhuniforms.com

21st December, 2015

Allan Thompson,
Dec 21, 2015, 7:13 PM