Treasurers Duties

These notes were provided by Dick Collins in 2013:-


1. He/she should have a reasonable understanding of accounting or at least of accounting principles.

2. BATOA financial records are maintained on a computer running Microsoft Quicken software to maintain the accounting records and write checks.

3. The Treasurer is responsible for maintaining the financial records of BATOA, writing checks, reconciling the bank account monthly, and the various activities associated with the bank account.

4. The Treasurer must prepare a financial statement for each BATOA board meeting, showing the inflow and outflow of funds and the current balance.

5. The Treasurer must prepare tournament payroll checks for a few tournaments which may use BATOA as their paymaster. They, of course, are then sent or passed on to another board member for a second signature and mailing.

6. Annually, the Treasurer prepares the annual Financial Report, Form 1099 distribution and reporting, and the annual Non-Profit Association Reporting to IRS.

7. The Treasurer maintains the list of Paid/unpaid officials on the BATOA Roster

Dick Collins