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ITA Dues - Payment information

The payment portal is now open to process membership dues payments ($48).  To access ZebraWeb and also pay your ITA Membership dues ($48.00), please follow the instructions below. (Tip: use your email address as login!)

If you receive an error message that says "Error 429: Too Many Requests," please simply try again in a few minutes. If you receive this error message multiple times, please email the ITA at

Once you have paid your dues and logged onto ZebraWeb, you will have access to some special hotel, car rental, and ticket deals exclusive to ITA members and well as access to the latest version of ITAlics, the ITA Officials Newsletter. 


Basic Steps:

1. Log into ZebraWeb

2. Click on the Zebra-Secretary Console

3. Login to Credit Card Payment

4. Enter Card Information

5. Click "Back to ITA Dashboard" link to return to the main ITA Zebra-Secretary page


Detailed Steps:

1.      Log-in to ZebraWeb

2.      Once you log-in to ZebraWeb, you will be taken to the ITA Main Console.

3.      From the ITA Main Console click on Zebra-Secretary Console (here the system will check to see if dues have been paid) if not paid system goes to Payment-login page

4.      From Payment-Login page, for security reasons,  the user will re-enter the user name and password for ZebraWeb and click Login.  This will take the user to a payment page.

5.      From the Payment page the user will see the amount they are paying.  They will then enter their credit card number, the CVV code, the Expiration Date, and their Postal Code and click Submit.  This send the transaction to Square and Square returns with a confirmation or a failed.  Square will return to our Payment-Process page.

6.      The Payment Process page:

a.      If credit card failed - will state "We are sorry, but your payment was not able to be processed.", "Click hereto try again."

b.      If approved - will state "Thank you, your credit card has been charged: and show amount being charged", "Your payment confirmation code is: and show the confirmation code", "Back to ITA Dashboard of Zebra-Secretary" a link to click to return to Secretary.

c.      If you get a message stating "429 Error: Too Many Requests." Please try again in a few minutes.  If you receive this message multiple times, please let the ITA know.

7.      Once your payment has been successfully processed, click the "Back to ITA Dashboard" link to return to the main console for the ITA. 

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to email the ITA Officiating Department at Thank you for all that you do for college tennis.

The ITA Officiating Department