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Referee / Coaches Meeting Checklist

When you meet with the coaches before the match, it’s not simply for the exchange of lineups.

Here’s a brief list of items other than lineups to go over:

• Giving home coach all officials’ ITA certification numbers for recording in official scorebook.

• Assistant coaches, if any, and the likelihood of redesignating after the first round of matches.

• Team trainers, if any, and if home team trainer will also handle visitors.

• Order of play for courts (not all schools play #1 match on #1 court, #2 on #2, etc.)

• If playing on fewer than six courts, provision for warmup for players starting late.

• Location of restrooms and get agreement on additional travel time, if any.

• Allowable areas for bench players for each court.

• If fewer officials than courts, provision for chairing matches, if any.

• Pre-match procedures (i.e., national anthem, if any; team introductions, if any, etc.)

• Will there be any doo-dah between doubles and singles (or singles and doubles) that necessitates an extension of the break?

For Referees:
In your bag, at minimum. 
  • Make sure your stopwatch is still functioning. And do you have a spare? 
  • Plenty of pencils. 
  • Flipping coin (no, not a dime). 
  • Zip ties to repair nets. Sunscreen. 
  • ITA Rulebook. 
  • Friend at Court. 
  • Your ITA Certification number.
also have:
• Contact information for officials assigned to your matches.

• Contact information for head coaches for your matches.

• A list of your officials’ ITA Certification numbers.

• A smartphone so you can take a just-in-case picture of the scorebook lineups.

• Scorecards, lots of them (because some of your officials won’t have any).