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Tournament Directors

Running an open tournament can be one of the most rewarding and satisfying experiences you can
have as long as you have the tools and information necessary in order to run it successfully.

The USTA Florida web site has general information about the organisation and operation of a tournament which you may find helpful.


A proper facility with appropriate amenities is the foundation for a successful event. Even before you talk about the type of tournament to hold, you should have sufficient courts and court-time available to you. Location and amenities are important factors when deciding where to hold a tournament. People will turn out repeatedly
when the location is easy to find and has the amenities to make the event enjoyable for the players and spectators.

USTA Care Guidelines

USTA Membership

Tournament Directors must be members of the USTA.

  1. Update your personal USTA Membership Information
    à The contact information listed with the tournament director’s USTA # is downloaded onto each sanction form and included on the TennisLink tournament home page. If the information is out-of-date you will need to manually edit the contact information on EACH sanction form.

  a. Call USTA Member Services at 800-990-8782. Press “5” to reach a representative
 b. Provide your USTA # to the representative. Review/update these fields as needed:

·         Mailing Address

·         Telephone # : List the number(s) that players and USTA can call with questions (typically your office or cell phone number, or both)

·         Email address: List the email address that players, USTA, and LinkTeam can use to contact you

c.  Renew your membership if needed

2. USTA Organization’s Membership - Apply - Renew - Update the Information

a.  Call USTA Member Services at 800-990-8782. Press “3” to reach an organization rep.

b.  Apply for membership or renew membership as needed. A three year or five year membership is recommended. The Organization can submit tournament sanction forms only if the membership is paid through the date of the tournament

Check the organization's contact information.The membership address must be the mailing address. The phone # should be at the location where the tournaments are run. Add a web site address if you have one.
  c.The organization's membership address, email, and phone # are downloaded to the sanction forms. If they are out-of-date, the tournament director must manually edit them on EACH sanction form.

d.  The tournament director must check the Organization address on each sanction form to confirm that the SITE ADDRESS is listed. Many organizations have a different mailing address.  

3. Set up your Organization's USTA Account
a. Once this is done the Tournament Organization can access sanction forms using the organization number and this web link. The Organization can also log into TDM.

b.  Navigate to the USTA Account tournament administration page

·         Click on the top Create Account box

·         Click the Organizational button

·         Enter your Organization's USTA # and other requested information

Need help? Call USTA Member Services at 1-800-990-USTA(8782)
M-F 9:00 am - 9:00 pm ET, Sat 10:00 am - 6:30 pm

Tournament Sanction Application

There is an online Tournament Sanction process for tournaments in Florida and planning must start early, it can take many months to complete the sanction process!

In addition to the Sanction online application, there is also a Supplemental Bid Form and a USTA Florida Tournament Director Online Quiz (which will take 30-45 minutes) to complete the application. A minimum score of 85% has to be achieved on the quiz. The quiz can be taken up to three times. The fees for a sanction application are available on the Online Sanction information available on the  USTA Web Site.

For all events listed as:-
Super Series (Level 6),
Designated (Level 5)
Section (Level 4)
it is mandatory to appoint a Referee.

Details of available Referees can be obtained from the Region 3 or Region 5 Representatives

Tournament Operation

From 2014 all tournament Directors / sites hosting a USTA Florida Sanctioned Tournament are required to use the online version of Tournament Data Manager (TDM) on the USTA Web Site.