Electronic Scoring Device

Electronic Scoreboard
USF have installed Electronic Scoring devices to display match scores on each of the courts 1 through 6.

The device was supplied by Daktronics and is a device that can be used with lots of sports. The USF device is preconfigured for tennis and the display is shown above.

Chair umpires find their own way of holding everything in the chair - but one way is to strap the handheld device to the arm of the chair nearest to the scoreboard so that when pushing a button, changes can be readily seen in the background.

As you can see from the picture of the scoreboard above, 'USF' is at the top and so the push button keys (7,8 and 9) on the pad (left), always refer to the USF score. The keys below (4, 5 and 6) always refer to the Guest team.

Operation of the keypad is described in the abstracted part of the manual which is attached to this page.

Turn the device on by pressing the 'ON/OFF' button, bottom left and when the device has booted up completely, press the 'CONFIG' ENTER / YES / EDIT Key' (lower right).

During the game press 'POINT' (top or bottom depending upon the point winner).
At the end of the game press 'GAME +1' and 'RESET GAME'.
At the end of the set press 'SET +1' (lower center).
For tie-break scoring press 'TIE BREAK'.

Detailed information on editing displayed scores is in the attached document.

The timing functions on the device do not work, so continue to use your stop-watch!

Allan Thompson,
Feb 4, 2014, 5:29 AM