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Referee Survival Kit

Develop your own Referee’s Survival Kit and make sure you kept it complete from tournament to tournament.  A tournament can easily get off track for want of easily obtainable items such as a spare net strap.

In your Referee’s Survival Kit you will probably want:-

      • First-Aid Kit, including latex gloves and a 10% bleach solution for clearing up blood.
      • Pens and pencils (and pencil sharpener).
      • Twist ties and duct tape for making temporary court/net repairs.
      • Spare net straps.
      • White-Out.
      • Push pins and Scotch tape for posting information.
      • Portable bulletin boards.
      • Scissors, stapler, rubber bands, paper clips, sellotape, paper pads for note taking etc.
      • Sunscreen, bug repellent and rain gear.
      • Signage (i.e., “Tournament Desk,” “Check In Here,” “Turn Off Cell Phones”).
      • Stop watch

The Tournament Survival Kit should include:-
      • An adequate supply of balls, new and used.
      • Singles sticks
      • Water and system for replenishing it.
      • Benches or chairs court-side for players.
      • Umpires’ chairs as needed.
      • Court-clearing tools such as squeegees and rollers, drag mats and line brushes for clay
      • Scorecards
      • Draw sheets and Schedule Sheets.
      • Friend at Court.
      • Tournament Clock (prominently displayed at Tournament Desk).
      • Net-measuring device (and a crank to raise and lower nets is nice, too!)