TDM - Tournament Data Manager

TDM (Tournament Data Manager) is the software that helps to run a tournament. It interfaces with the tournament Sanction form on the USTA web site and it can be used to run the whole tournament from checking players in at the tournament desk, scheduling matches and entering results, making all of the information available on the internet through the USTA web site as soon as it is entered!

The TDM software is used on the internet and is available anywhere there is an internet connection; on a tablet or cell phone. There is an Introduction and a Guide to using the software online is available in the files section below.

The USTA produced the training video introduction and explanation of the software below.

USTA Training Video

Access Levels
There are different access levels for the Tournament Director and Referee; specifically, the Tournament Director has access to the Sanction form , can select players for each event in the Tournament and communicate with the players through email and text messages, whereas after the Referee logs onto the USTA website, they will have access to the operational functions for the tournament.

TDM Tips
Some tips for using the software are here.
These tips include making a draw, seeding, etc. and provides links to many documents added by the USTA.

Making Draws in TDM
A video produced by the USTA Northern Section on using the former version of TDM to make the Draw is available below:

How Draws are made in TDM

Scheduling match times
A scheduling tip to better improve scheduling is shown in this video..... why not give it a try?

Scheduling Match times

USTA TDM customer support

 A Tournament Director hotline is available to help with any questions regarding the use of TDM software.
The phone number is 800-603-3138. TennisLink Team members will be available to take your calls seven days a week from 9 am to 11 pm Eastern time. Should all the available representatives be assisting other callers on the phone lines, you will be transferred to a voice mail and your call will be returned as promptly as possible. This service is available only for Tournament Directors and all calls will be screened.
It is suggested that simple, routine inquiries be sent via email ( Email is also the most efficient way to receive written instructions, documentation or upgrades.

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