Tournament Directors

The Bay Area Tennis Official's Association (BATOA) are here to help you run a successful tournament!

We would like to make you aware of our organization and the resources that we have. We can work with you from the planning stages of a Tournament to ensure a successful conclusion. Many Tournament Directors have the phone number of just one individual official that they know. But what happens if that official is unavailable?

BATOA receives many last minute requests for officials and unfortunately, our area does NOT have an abundance of officials and on certain weekends, there are numerous events occurring in our area. Early planning is the key to success and it is best to contact us at your earliest convenience. We can provide you with a contact list of our certified professional USTA Officials.

What can you expect from BATOA?
  • A USTA qualified Referee who will manage sufficient USTA Roving Officials to administer the Code and USTA Regulations in accordance with USTA standards (1 Official for every 3 courts)

  • Pre-tournament planning related to the number of participants, courts and other tournament needs

  • Officials will arrive at your venue 30 minutes before the start of play to prepare the courts

  • BATOA Officials will supervise all matches from the beginning to the end of the tournament ensuring timely progress by regulating warm-up and match play time limits, resolving scoring disputes and controlling spectators

  • Ensure that all Officials have undergone USTA Background Checks and other certification requirements

  • the Referee will be available to assist with the draw and the operation of the USTA Tournament Data Management System (TDM)

What do we need you to do?
  • As Tournament Director, it is your responsibility to hire the Referee. The Tournament Director CANNOT serve as the tournament's Referee. As soon as you know your tournament dates you need to appoint the Referee.All USTA Sanctioned Tournament must have a Referee.

  • Contact the Referee with ANY question you have about the tournament at ANY time. If your appointed Referee cannot answer your question please contact BATOA to ensure your queries are answered. (See below).

  • Contact the Referee when making the tournament draw. The Referee is obliged to have oversight of the draw.

  • Provide food for each working Official.

  • Pay the officials.

What else can BATOA offer you?

If you prefer, BATOA can invoice you the total amount payable to the Officials. If you choose this option, write just one check to BATOA and BATOA will pay all of the Officials. Choosing this option leaves BATOA responsible for IRS W9 and 1099 compliance. The fee for this is $25 or 3% if greater than the total amount.

How can you contact us?

You can contact any person on the Board of BATOA with any questions or concerns. 

We are looking forward to working with you to help make your tournament a success.

More information on the Competitive Structure for 2014 is available here.


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